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John Sedgwick

Dispatch: The Body in the Cove

When an alluring outsider swam into an insular New Hampshire community last summer, she raised some eyebrows. When she wound up dead, it raised disquieting questions about the darker side of our vacation paradises.

Collision Course

Liko Kenney came from a fiercely free-spirited New Hampshire clan that produced skier Bode Miller and ran the popular Tamarack Tennis Camp on its backwoods compound. Bruce McKay was a hard-nosed cop who felt people needed to be taught to follow the rules. In the end, their final confrontation was as shocking as it was inevitable.

Watertown’s A123 Systems makes batteries. Very special, high-tech batteries. Batteries that could boost the state economy, rescue the American auto industry, change the way we drive, and save the environment in the bargain.* * That is, if the compe


She was Warhol’s muse, the great beauty of her generation. But before she was an icon, Edie Sedgwick—inspiration for the new biopic Factory Girl—was a Brahmin daughter, and her fall marked a singularly dark chapter in one New England family’s history.

Elegy for an It Girl

Critics dismiss Kerry Healey as a preppy lightweight. But behind the scenes the lieutenant governor is anything but. To hang on to the governor’s office for the GOP, she now faces one big hurdle: convincing voters there’s a real person behind

Muffy the Democrat Slayer

The Lion in Winter: Full Transcript

Dianne Wilkerson is the state's highest elected black official—and one of its biggest mysteries.

The cranky, irrepressible, pugnacious John Silber still has a few things to get off his chest.

Jeffrey Hall can deliver a lecture about the courtship behavior of fruit flies as easily as he can cover the battle of Gettysburg. Odd combination. But Hall is no ordinary university professor.

The Harvard Nazi

The debate over tenure has been passed by in the rush to build ritzy dorms and fancy field houses. And it's the students who lose out.

MIT students are supposed to be studying scalable databases and satellite navigation systems. So what are they doing writing short stories?

Novelist Andre Dubus III and his brother, Jeb, shared a life of pain in the shadow of their writer father. Now they realize how much it joined them together, no matter how far they were pulled apart.

One of Boston's great minds believes Bob Dylan is on a par with T. S. Eliot. Just watch out if you disagree.