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Rosemary Chandler

Rosemary Chandler, Contributor at Boston Magazine


The Nature of the Attack Leaves Questions About the Perpetrator

A terrorism expert weighs in on what we can learn from details of the attack.


Airline Travel Is Getting Better

A new report shows improvement among Logan’s most popular airlines.


Gay Marriage on Trial

A Harvard Law professor weighs in on the Supreme Court’s oral arguments.


America Is Richer, Just Not Its Young

A new study shows where most wealth gains have come in the past decades.


Boston Avoids a Solution to its Car Problem

A proposed car-free building would have moved us in the right direction.


The Need for Dating Violence Prevention

BU Professor Emily Rothman weighs in.


Tweet Happy Thoughts

A new study shows how the language used on Twitter can reveal where the happy people live.


A Wild, Implausible Plan to Fix the Electoral College

One artist redraws the state lines. Kiss Cape Cod goodbye.


What’s Next After Benedict XVI?

Professor James Conn of B.C. offers his takeaways on news of the papal resignation.


The Flooded Future In Boston

Maps that project future flooding in Boston neighborhoods have policy makers acting now.


On Minting the Coin

Harvard Prof. Jeffrey Frankel explains the logic in a bizarre solution to the debt ceiling crisis.


Why Changes on Gun Control Are Unlikely

A BU public policy expert explains.


How You Should Have Played Powerball

Advice from a Boston College expert in gaming and lotteries.


How Soon Until Massachusetts Legalizes?

After medical marijuana passed, we could see a quick turn-around on efforts for recreational marijuana.

boston moves for health

Boston Moves (a Little) for Health

The city is coming up short in Menino’s Million Pound Challenge