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Best Caribbean Restaurant

2019 Best Caribbean Restaurant

La Fábrica Central

When former Cambridge vice mayor Dennis Benzan teamed up in 2017 with restaurateurs Nivia and Hector Piña, longtime leaders of Boston’s Caribbean dining scene, they [...] read more»
2018 Best Caribbean Restaurant

La Fábrica Central

Long the local torchbearers of Caribbean cuisine, Hector and Nivia Piña (the owners of Merengue, Vejigantes, and Doña Habana) have spread those rays of hot [...] read more»
2015 Best Caribbean Restaurant

Singh’s Roti Shop

Drawing influences from Indian and Caribbean cuisines, this Trinidadian shop's roti wraps—pizza-size flatbreads griddled to order, then stuffed with meat (curried goat!), vegetables (sautéed cabbage, [...] read more»
2008 Best Caribbean Restaurant


Not even the drizzliest, dreariest New England day can cast a pall at Merengue, a Dominican institution saturated with the color and warmth of a [...] read more»
1999 Best Caribbean Restaurant

Rhythm & Spice

This Central Square hot spot whips up mean stewed-goat curries and plantains, and presents live reggae on Friday and Saturday nights. Throw in some Jamaican [...] read more»