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Best Cocktail

2012 Best Cocktail, Shots with a Twist

Brick & Mortar

When we want a stiff (and not-so-serious) drink, it's tough to top the shots offered by Cambridge newcomer Brick & Mortar. There's the daiquiri-inspired "D.T.O.," [...] read more»
2011 Best Cocktail, Cool

The Rita Moreno, Gargoyles on the Square

A string of too many unfortunately flavored concoctions had put us off anything other than the classics...and then we met the Rita Moreno. A sexy [...] read more»
2011 Best Cocktail, Classic

Ideal Manhattan, Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar

Like an antique wing chair done up in a sharp new print, Citizen's spin on the Manhattan hews to tradition while freshening things up. The [...] read more»
2008 Best Cocktail, Menu

Green Street

Looking for the city's top bartenders on their night off? They're probably knocking 'em back right here in Central Square, along with anyone else who [...] read more»
2007 Best Cocktail, Menu


No green apple martinis here. Only ingenious blends make it onto Rendezvous's cocktail list: gin blended with kaffir lime and curry, vodka stirred with pear [...] read more»
2006 Best Cocktail

No. 9 Park

Regulars at No. 9 Park are devoted to the house cocktail for the same reason they are to chef Barbara Lynch's prune-stuffed gnocchi with foie [...] read more»
2006 Best Cocktail, Mojito

Chez Henri

Once a mixologist's best trick, the mojito has become cliché. But at Chez Henri, the Cuban concoction retains its allure with white rum (not dark), [...] read more»
2005 Best Cocktail

Basil-Lime Gimlet, Via Matta

At a spot that has the feel of an Italian neighborhood trattoria (if said neighborhood were full of top-tax-bracket Italians, that is), this defining cocktail [...] read more»
2003 Best Cocktail, Classic

Gibson Martin, The Bristol Lounge

You can almost taste the sun rising again on the British Empire in your first sip of this bracing, gin-loaded cocktail. By the second dry [...] read more»
2003 Best Cocktail, Cool

The Palmyra, No. 9 Park

Enough already with the fruity cocktail fads that result in sticky fingers and killer hangovers. The ultimate in cool libations is an inventive concoction so [...] read more»