Best of Boston

Best Hotel Bar

2003 Best Hotel Bar

Oak Bar

Given the weather, there's seldom much call in New England for ceiling fans. Even so, the whirring hum beneath the Oak Bar's carved mahogany ceiling [...] read more»
2002 Best Hotel Bar

Bar 10

Enough with the stuffy, starched-napkin lounges that have for years dominated hotel cocktail scenes. The Westin Hotel's Bar 10 is dedicated to taking it easy [...] read more»
2001 Best Hotel Bar

The Oak Bar, Fairmont Copley Plaza

The Oak Bar is, quite simply, everything a hotel bar should be: sexy, formal, and mysterious. It's a place to wallow in grandeur, where, even [...] read more»
1998 Best Hotel Bar

Ritz-Carlton Boston

Dark, woody, and intimate, the bar at the Ritz is exactly the sort of watering hole weary travelers and high-end drinkers demand. The martini menu [...] read more»