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2017 Best Karaoke


Sure, karaoke doesn't have to take place in a dive bar. But it's an established fact that the liquid courage provided by a pitcher of [...] read more»
2015 Best Karaoke


Karaoke at this Cambridge dive can be a Darwinian proposition—despite Courtside's rec-room feel, every singer's out for herself on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. But that's [...] read more»
2014 Best Karaoke


The chance to sing for hours in a disco-ball-outfitted private den with loud, sweaty friends armed with tambourines is reason alone to love DoReMi, but [...] read more»
2013 Best Karaoke


Now that we've embraced Korean pop music (e.g., "Gangnam Style"), we might as well also embrace the Korean-style karaoke on offer at DoReMi. There's no [...] read more»
2012 Best Karaoke

The Jeanie Johnston Pub

Jamaica Plain
We like our karaoke with a side of characters, and this J.P. pub packs 'em in on Saturday nights: a James Spader doppelganger crooning the [...] read more»
2011 Best Karaoke

Do Re Mi Karaoke

They haven't upped their prices a penny since opening 13 years ago. Fees may be retro, but the song library stays current with Lady Gaga [...] read more»
2008 Best Karaoke

The Courtside

You do a mean AC/DC, and the world deserves to hear it. Even if you must endure a couple's lovingly howled 'Summer Nights' duet before [...] read more»
2007 Best Karaoke


There are two kinds of karaoke-goers: traditionalists "just in it for the music" and Axl-style mike hogs. Limelight suits both. More than 5,000 songs provide [...] read more»
2006 Best Karaoke

Charlie’s Kitchen

The contagious only-in-a-karaoke-bar camaraderie at Charlie's has crooners of all ages forgoing television remotes in favor of their own version of American Idol. During the [...] read more»