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Best Photographer

2020 Best Photographer

Carly Michelle Photography

In a crowded field of wedding photographers, Carly Yarbrow has emerged as a visionary. Her images’ signature rosy-hued aesthetic instantly elevates any wedding, elopement, or [...] read more»
2001 Best Photographer

Madeleine de Sinety

Finally, someone in the wedding industry who's as passionate about your wedding as you are. Artist, photojournalist, and all-around free spirit, de Sinety is demanded [...] read more»
1999 Best Photographer, Family Portraits

Terri Ruth Unger

Anyone tired of cheesy, slick portraits on fake backgrounds will appreciate the simply, honest beauty of Unger's work. She prefers her subjects unposed in familiar [...] read more»
1996 Best Photographer, Equipment, Used

E.P. Levine

South Boston
A no-frills used-camera store on the fringes of Boston's photo district, Levine's is a collector's Toyland. Wend your way through the mounds of merchandise scattered [...] read more»
1987 Best Photographer

Doug and Michael Starn

Even though these identical twins are the toast of the New York art scene, they live right here in Fenway. read more»
1986 Best Photographer, Newspaper

Stan Grossfeld

<p>In 1984 and 1985 Stan Grossfeld won back-to-back Pulitzer prizes for his work in Ethiopia and Lebanon and on the U.S.-Mexican border. He wrote and [...] read more»
1985 Best Photographer

<em>Boston Herald</em>

Kudos to photo editor Leo Tierney. read more»
1982 Best Photographer

Peter Southwick, Associated Press

Good eye and great under pressure. read more»