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Best Tacos

2021 Best Tacos

Villa México Café

Financial District
Telecommuting has its perks, but none are as tasty as the grilled corn tortillas — with fillings like tender marinated chicken in a rich, complex [...] read more»
2019 Best Tacos

Yellow Door Taqueria

The ingredient combos here are a bit, shall we say, extra: On one recent visit, campechano tacos, a street-food staple, featured Tecate-beer-marinated steak; chorizo, red [...] read more»
2016 Best Tacos

Taqueria Cancun

East Boston
It’s worth the haul to Eastie for these homemade flour tortillas replete with spicy chorizo, succulent carne asada, or beef-brain carnitas. But the restaurant’s best-kept [...] read more»
2015 Best Tacos

Lone Star Taco Bar

The magic here is in the tortillas—hand-pressed in the kitchen to provide a sturdy foundation for toppings like smoky barbacoaand rich Dallas spicy beef. (For [...] read more»
2014 Best Tacos

Taqueria el Amigo

For a truly top-notch taco, you’ll have to head west—all the way to Waltham, that is, where this tiny taqueria stuffs its pliant corn tortillas [...] read more»
2013 Best Tacos

Taqueria Jalisco

East Boston
The hardest decision you'll have to make here? Which of the spicy, flavorful salsas offered tableside will best accessorize the fall-apart cubes of beef tongue, [...] read more»
2007 Best Tacos

Taco Loco

Like avid birders, food fanatics will journey to any spot, no matter how remote, in search of the rarest prizes. In the hinterlands of Somerville, [...] read more»