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2002 Best TV, Spot-News Station


WHDH-TV, Channel 7, whose Jeff Derderian was slapped in the face on camera by an alleged sex offender's girlfriend while he was trying to interview [...] read more»
2002 Best TV, Political Reporter

WB56’s Jon Keller

Yes, he's also our political columnist. But he wins because he has the sources and asks the toughest questions. read more»
2001 Best TV, Newcomer

Lisa Hughes

WBZ-TV, Channel 4 anchor Lisa Hughes, for injecting some energy into the tired Boston TV market. read more»
2001 Best TV, Move, Worst

Channel 7’s inexplicable decision to cut loose popular anchor (and former of Boston winner) Kim Carrigan

read more»
1999 Best TV, News Anchor

Margie Reedy and R.D. Sahl, New England Cable News

The newscast nobody ever sees. read more»
1999 Best TV, Sports Anchor

Bob Lobel, WBZ, Channel 4

Sure, Lobel can come across as obnoxious at times, courting controversy for its own sake. But he and the rest of the Channel 4 sports [...] read more»
1999 Best TV, Political Analyst

Jon Keller, WLVI, Channel 56

There's a reason he covers politics for us: he's ideologically unpredictable and an equal-opportunity hack basher. read more»
1997 Best TV, News Anchor

Kim Carrigan

WHDH Channel 7. Articulate, competent, and attractive—without being a noxious media babe. read more»
1997 Best TV, Sports Anchor

Jeff Cawley

WFXT Channel 25. Smart and personable without the faux-bumbling chumminess of the city's tired icons. read more»
1995 Best TV, Talk Show Newcomer

Christopher Lydon on WBUR’s <em>The Connection</em>

He's witty and insightful. Now if he can just tone down his pretentious enunciation of "The Connection." read more»