Run the 2016 Boston Marathon!

Thank you for your interest in this promotion! Sallie Woodward and Tim Morin have been selected as the winners of the Marathon Bib 2016 contest. Both Sallie and Tim were one second off of the cut off time for accepted qualifiers in their gender and age brackets for the 2016 Boston Marathon.

There was a multi-way tie, with many people being within one second of the cut off time for their gender and age group, so we had to use a tie-breaker based on the data that we collected and that the Boston Athletic Association could verify. As the BAA does not track tenths of seconds, the only other data point we had and could verify for each entrant was the number of Boston Marathons run previously. As we suspected, many entrants in this position have run zero previous Boston Marathons, so to determine winners we had to look at the highest numbers.