Everything New Under the Bun

Photos by Tim Kennedy

Oozing melted cheese, the crunch of a fresh pickle, and perfectly charred patties inside a house-made roll—all the reasons the burger is king in Boston right now.

The List

The burgers you need to try.

Where’s the Beef?

No meat, no problem. These four plant-based burgers taste just as good as the real thing.

Want Fries with That?

Slinging the perfect fast-food fry requires a surprising amount of finesse. We asked French-trained chef Peter Ungár, owner of Tasting Counter in Somerville, to rank four versions in a blind taste test.

A Geeks’ Guide to Burger Making

America’s Test Kitchen pro Dan Souza knows a little something about prepping the perfect patty at home—in fact, he even hosted a national burger tour in 2016. Here, he shares his expert tips.