Product Review: Physicians Formula Eye Booster

If one day a genie were to pop out of my Burberry perfume bottle and grant me three beauty wishes, fuller lashes might be first on my list. Mine are okay, but whenever I see Claire Danes Lastissing her fringe all over my TV, I’m almost tempted to run to my doc and beg for a prescription. So I was stoked when I came across Physicians Formula’s 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum while browsing through my local CVS.

The slender wand contains a “high-tech Japanese formula” liquid eyeliner that claims to be smudge-resistant, water-resistant, and eyelash-fortifying to boot. The stuff comes in brown, black, “ultra black,” and a clear version meant for daytime and nighttime use.

Many liquid liners resemble quill pens, in that there’s an applicator that you dip into a pot of liquid pigment. Eye Booster, on the other hand, is more like a felt-tip pen — the pigment is held internally and dispensed through the tip. The brush is firm and tapers to a fine point, making the storied cat’s-eye flick a breeze. The line stays where I draw it and resists smearing from my seasonal-allergy eye-watering. As for the benefits to my lashes? After a week and a half of daily use, I can’t see much of a difference. I also don’t really mind; it’s one of the best liquid liners I’ve tried and with the wallet-friendly price and easy availability, I’ll certainly be buying it again.

$10.95, available at CVS or at