Which Flannel Shirt Am I?

Choose wisely.

  • Image via Getty/Berezko

  • Fall is here, and that means you definitely need a new flannel shirt to sport while carving pumpkins and picking apples. But how to choose?? Take this quiz to find out.

The Creative Spirit


It might be surprising to the kids from high school that you’re now a successful creative, because they always had you pegged for a directionless artist. But you never lost your unique point of view or sense of style, even if both have grown up with you, and your closet now includes the biggest names in streetwear. You surf whatever chance you get, geek out over fonts, and can always find incredible gems at Brimfield or a record store, which is obvious from your well-curated apartment.

The Do-er


When you say you’re a photographer, you don’t mean casually on the weekends. It’s your career, and has brought you around the world shooting huge ad campaigns. You’ve never had a formal office job, and you worked your way up from an assistant who mostly schlepped equipment around at shoots. When you aren’t working, you escape to your house in the woods in western Massachusetts. This is where you’re the happiest; you go for hikes with your dog, work in your garden, and tend to the chicken coop and beehive. You’re as handy with a hammer as you are with a skillet and could actually survive in the wilderness for a long time alone. In fact, sometimes that actually sounds nice.

Crowd Pleaser


Nobody really understands what exactly you do as a manager for an experiential marketing firm, so when people say you’re a party planner, you just nod. You always wish you could have been a stand-up comic, but you have terrible stage fright. You’re super easygoing, very organized, and your friends always rely on you to plan group trips and make dinner reservations. You grew up with sisters and have lived in Southie since before it was so fancy. The personalities on NPR are like your rock stars because you’ve never really been a huge music fan.

The Die Hard New Englander

Grayers at Sault NE

You never want to leave Massachusetts—you grew up here, your family is still here, and you went to college here. You love all of the seasons and are extremely enthusiastic about apple picking, beach days, sailing, and ski trips. You have a really embarrassing tattoo on your back as a result of an unfortunate bet in college. You’re one of the few people who actually likes working in finance. You love a good bourbon, and even own one of those fancy trays that makes giant round ice cubes. You’re fun, always have a full social calendar, and are super generous. You’re very good with plants and just recently bought a condo in the Seaport, just steps away from your boat in the harbor.

The Activist


You take your job at a nonprofit very seriously, and in your free time, you’re at a protest, organizing a protest, or talking about a protest. You have a small circle of close friends who you’re super loyal to, but you also relish your alone time. You love being outside and will wake up at 5 a.m. every morning so you can get in a sunrise canoe paddle before work, and you always try to be home in time for a sunset bike ride. You work hard to produce no waste and you prefer to thrift rather then buy new. Your passion for saving the planet has quite accidentally become a successful career, but you live really modestly and donate to a bunch of different charities.

The Parent


You’re too tired to think about this, so you stick to the classics.