Health Headlines: What the Patriots Eat on the Plane

Plus: Manny Ramirez's drug of choice, at-home HIV tests, and more health news.




Ever wonder what the Patriots eat on the plane after a game? Well, wonder no more. Last night, the Patriots posted this picture on Twitter and Instagram of the “healthy snacks” they eat on the plane. Grapes, apples, and bananas seem to be the post-game snack of choice. We may see a pear in there too. Bravo, Patriots!





What’s Manny Ramirez’s drug of choice? It’s not what you think. The rumors of Ramirez smoking marijuana have been around for years, but the drug that suspended him from the game and ultimately may have led to his retirement was finally revealed last week. The culprit? Testosterone. The AP is reporting that Ramirez’s positive test for a banned substance last year was, in fact, testosterone. Can we finally stop giving him a free pass for “Manny being Manny”? Taking illegal performance enhancing drugs is not the way to play the game. Way to ruin a legacy. [Associated Press]

A backwards butt implant? This is happening. We can’t stress enough that there are no quick fixes in fitness. If you want to lose weight or tone up, you must eat right and exercise. It isn’t rocket science. So when we see a video like this, it is impossible not to cringe. We get that people want a booty like Beyonce or Kim K. But there are exercises you can do to perk up your buns without resorting to drastic measures like this. Warning, the video is graphic. [NBC News]

Roughly 20 percent of the 1.1 million people living with HIV in the U.S. are unaware they have the infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The most common HIV test, which is done in a clinic or doctors office, can take up to two weeks to get results. But, now there is a new test, which can test urine, and can get results in 20 minutes. And a third option, the at-home test, can be done in the privacy of your own home. Just mail in your sample. Hopefully with these new tests, more people will know their status. [Healthy Living]

Smoking rots your brain. Literally. A new study out of London, published in the Journal of Age and Aging, collected brain tests from smokers, like making participants learn new words or name as many animals as they could in a minute. The research found there was a “consistent association” between smoking and lower scores in the tests. Just another reason to quit smoking today. [BBC News]