Exercising After Flu Shot Helps Build Resistance

Plus: Free CrossFit classes in the Back Bay and more health news.

There’s a new illness transmitted by the same deer ticks that spread lyme disease and it’s right here in the Northeast. The bacterial illness causes flu-like symptoms and was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine by researchers from Tufts and Yale. The study says that one percent of the population where Lyme disease is widespread, like western Massachusetts and Cape Cod and the Islands, may be infected by the new bacteria. Lyme disease is thought to be 7 to 10 times more prevalent in these areas. [Globe]

Good news if you exercised after getting a flu shot. Researchers at Iowa State University found that people who exercised for 90 minutes after receiving their flu shot became more resistant to the flu. They also had higher levels of cells that ward off infection. Exercise may help the vaccine work by activating the immune system and increased blood circulation may pump the vaccine through the body. [CBS News]

Free CrossFit sessions this weekend in the Back Bay. City Sports and Reebok CrossFit Back Bay are offering free CrossFit sessions every Saturday and Sunday starting January 19th and running through February 24. The catch is that you can only go once for free. But if you’ve never got your WOD on before, it is a great opportunity to try a fun, fitness trend for free. [City Sports Blog]

Lesley University in Cambridge is now required to serve gluten-free food due to a lawsuit from a student with Celiac that wanted to be exempt from the meal plan (that did not offer any gluten-free options). Even Dunkin’ Donuts is getting in on the gluten-free action. [WCVB]