Clover Re-Opening Wednesday

Both the restaurants and food trucks will be back in business.

Clover photo via

Clover photo via Flickr/T55Z

While the exact source of 12 people in Boston getting salmonella is still unknown, Clover is preparing to reopen its brick and mortar restaurants and food trucks Wednesday. In celebration, they are giving out free coffee with breakfast, and free rosemary fries at lunch. The cause of the salmonella cases remains under investigation.

According to Clover’s website:

We have 2 employees who have been identified to have Salmonella. This is a very sensitive issue. I had to talk to one of my employees about this earlier today, and I’ll tell you the same thing I told her: (a) nobody is going to learn her name, this is a private thing. (b) We are not testing to assign blame. (c) We can’t wait to get her back, but we’re going to need to be sure she’s healthy, that means passing 2 screens clear.

Since the last case happened 3 weeks ago, it’s unlikely that this employee, who currently has Salmonella, was the source. She may have got it from eating contaminated food, or may not have.

We reached out to Clover for a comment regarding why it says “two” employees but then they only address one. Regardless, Clover has a lot of passionate followers and people that love their food and concept so it will be interesting to see how long people stay away before coming back to their favorite healthy food truck.