Olympic Inspired Winter Workouts

The Boston Center for Adult Education is putting together classes to learn the basics of bobsledding, snowboarding, and even curling.

snowboarding photo

Snowboarding image via shutterstock

You may not be an Olympian, but you can train like one at the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) this winter. In celebration of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, the BCAE is offering a series of unique classes designed to provide in-depth knowledge on the Winter Olympics and its sports such as bobsledding, figure skating, snowboarding, and even curling. The classes will be taught by experts (including a former Olympian) in their particular sports.

The series kicks off on January 22nd with skiing and snowboarding led by Tom Meyers of Wachusett Mountain. The class will highlight things like what to wear, proper form, what to look for while watching the competitions on TV, as well as the different types of skis and snowboards used in various competitions.

Next up, on January 23rd and January 30th, Anne Stacy, a figure skating coach, will lead a figure skating class that will guide students through the technique and pageantry of the sport. The two-part course will teach students everything they need to know about what it takes to become an Olympic skater including the amount of preparation that goes into a four minute routine, training, the history of the sport, an explanation of the esoteric scoring system, and a demonstration session where students will learn how to do lutz and axel jumps in BCAE’s ballroom.

Curling has to be the most confusing and intriguing Olympic sport to watch. You may yell at your television things like, “What’s with the brooms?” or “Why is this a sport?” or just a plain, “WTH?” (At least that’s what I yell when trying to watch the popular Canadian pastime.) On January 27th, Broomstones Curling Club will lead a hands-on curling class, which will demonstrate the rules, regulations, and strategy of the sport, and participants will be given the opportunity to test out their skills with a specially-made curling stone created for off-ice demonstrations.

On Tuesday, January 28th, two-time Olympian Peter Donohue will lead a discussion on bobsledding. After a career as a sprinter in Ireland, Donohoe turned his sites towards bobsledding and qualified for the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics. (Cue the Cool Runnings references now.) This lecture will include notes on Peter’s career, a video demonstration, equipment samples, and a question and answer session about both bobsledding and his career.

Prices range between $40 and $60 for non-members, 122 Arlington Street, 617-267-4430, bcae.org