Equinox Gyms to Open 75 Hotels Worldwide

Will Boston be a location?

The Lobby of the Chestnut Hill equinox

The Lobby of the Chestnut Hill equinox

Equinox may be known for its upscale gyms, luxe spa treatments, and tongue-in-cheek advertisements, but now the company is taking its healthy living business to the bedroom.

Equinox Holdings Inc., the parent company behind the upscale gym, which operates 75 locations in the U.S., London, and Toronto, including four in Mass. (three in Boston proper and one in Chestnut Hill), has announced that it is expanding into the hotel business. The group plans to open 75 hotels worldwide.

Will Boston be one of the 75? Equinox reps say that they “can not confirm” if a hotel will open here but they are also not denying the Bay State as a possible option. It would make sense to open a Boston-area location, especially since there are already four clubs in operation in the Commonwealth. Plus, Boston is one of the most visited cities in the U.S.

The new concept is intended for “health-conscious travelers willing to pay for high-end fitness facilities and amenities while on the road,” according to the Wall Street Journal, which is also reporting that the group expects to open its first hotel in 2018 on Manhattan’s west side.

“We are appealing to the discriminating consumer who lives an active lifestyle and wants to have that as a hotel experience,” Harvey Spevak, chief executive of Equinox, told the Wall Street Journal.

Spevak also said that the on-site restaurants will feature “healthy choices” but with options that will let guests “indulge.” (Read: chocolate cake made with organic ingredients.) He also said that a poll of the gym’s members found that 95 percent “would be interested in staying at an Equinox hotel.”

While it seems like nowadays everyone just assumes new construction will go in the Seaport, there’s already two new hotels under construction on D Street—an 330-room Aloft and a 180-room Element. So where should Equinox consider its Boston location?