A New Dating App Wants to Match Couples Based on Their Fitness Interests

Meet Me Outside will allow active singles to find and plan dates based on their passions.

Meet Me Outside

A preview of Meet Me Outside.

You know what they say: Couples who sweat together, stay together. Or at least, that’s the hope behind a new app called Meet Me Outside.

Launched by local entrepreneurs Rob Hand and Harry DiLeo, Meet Me Outside is a dating app that focuses on bringing active singles together to do the fitness activities they love.

“The goal is to find something where people have the same active passions and they can do something that’s different, besides going out to get a drink or coffee, where there’s an interview kind of feel,” Hand says. “They’re more apt to be themselves and relax when they’re doing an activity and they can do something fun.”

When users make a profile on the app, they fill in the fitness activities they love—from running and hiking to water sports—a brief bio, and an optional bucket list, where they can describe goals like finishing a marathon or getting into CrossFit. That way, individuals can easily connect with other people who share their interests and plan activity-oriented dates.

“There wasn’t [an app] for people who like to have active, healthy lifestyles and where that’s the main draw, to find someone who can share that kind of lifestyle with you,” says Hand, a fitness junkie who was single when he got the idea for Meet Me Outside. “We felt like we could fill that void and give them a better date, too.”

Hand says the app will be free, and while there’s not an exact launch date, it will likely be available by the end of the month. And, Hand says, its launch could save you from forced small talk and awkward should-we-hug-goodbye moments forever.

“I think when you go on a regular date with dinner and drinks and things like that, it’s less personal—you’re fishing for questions rather than just enjoying someone’s company and doing something fun,” he says. “[Meet Me Outside] is doing an experience that’s memorable, rather than just drinks.”