This Is How Boston Enjoyed the First Snowstorm of 2016

Check out Bostonians' photos from the first real snow of 2016.

Boston may not have gotten the brunt of winter storm Jonas—our condolences to D.C. and New York—but we finally got our first real taste of snow this winter. While some are still traumatized after last year’s continuous blizzards, many city dwellers were excited to get out and enjoy the winter wonderland. Take a look at how Bostonians spent their first snowstorm of 2016:

1. Some took advantage of the snow for photography purposes.

Jonas brought out the snow. We brought out the ballet. Dancer: @mj_slattery

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2. Others delayed the shoveling by making Snowzillas. 


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3. Some played with the squirrels (or the kiddos).

Hey, got any pizza? #squirrel #animal #nature #boston #snowday #cute #snow #instacool

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4. Others enjoyed an excuse to bundle up, get cozy, and stay in.

5. While others felt more adventurous. 

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6. And still more embraced traditional winter activities.