The Love Workout Combines Fitness and Speed Dating

The company's first event takes place later this month.

Love Workout

Rica Elysee, left, and Diana Vertus, right. Photo by Kofi Callender

You know that point in a bootcamp class when the instructor tells you to find a partner, and you groan internally? The Love Workout wants to change that.

Banking on exercise’s aphrodisiac powers, the company is launching a new fitness meets speed dating concept this month. The first event is scheduled for Sunday, February 28 at Fenway’s Leap Fitness, and future events will take places at gyms and studios around the city.

The format and content of each event is largely left up to the gym that hosts it, but cofounders Rica Elysee and Diana Vertus say the general idea is that singles will be paired up for a partner exercise, then rotate and meet someone new for the next drill. By the end of class, everyone will have met at least five new people. Afterward, they can chat up whoever had the best biceps during the “mix and mingle” portion.

Though the event at Leap Fitness—which will be a strength training workout involving TRX, weights, and cross training—is The Love Workout’s first official foray into the fitness and dating world, Vertus says participants had great results at a tester workout. She says one friend, in particular, achieved proof of concept.

“He walked away with two numbers from two girls that he was really interested in, so that was fun,” she says. “Everyone who participated gave us great feedback.”

That result isn’t surprising, Elysee says, because fitness is a natural companion to romance.

“It’s a natural ice breaker. For people that are introverted, that don’t feel comfortable just initiating a conversation, having this activity makes them ease up a little bit,” she says. “And when you’re doing a partner workout, it’s all about communication.”

For more information, visit The Love Workout’s Facebook page here.