Force of Nature Wants to Make Your Home Healthier

It's an all-natural, non-toxic, cleaning product made from only three ingredients.

Kitchen photo

Photo provided by Force of Nature

Most of us know that many traditional cleaning products aren’t exactly healthy, but we still want our homes to be clean, safe, and free of bad bacteria. Enter Force of Nature, a Massachusetts company that just launched an all-natural cleaner, just in time for spring cleaning.

Force of Nature‘s eponymous product claims to be 10 times more effective than bleach, despite being made up of only three ingredients: salt, vinegar, and water. The non-toxic, all-purpose, cleaner can disinfect kitchens and bathrooms, deodorize sports and pet supplies, and even wash windows.

“The product has a very unique bundle of benefits,” says CEO and cofounder Sandy Posa, a former Gillette executive. “It is an amazing disinfectant [and] cleans as well as all the commercial cleaners in our third-party tests. Importantly, it’s non-toxic and very safe for users.”

So why not just mix salt, vinegar, and water yourself and call it a day? The EPA-approved product works by electrolyzing water—a process typically done with industrial-sized equipment. Force of Nature, however, is bringing the method into consumers’ homes.

Users start out with salt and vinegar in a small, pH-controlled capsule, then mix it with tap water in an activator bottle. The tabletop device passes electricity into the water, and creates two byproducts: sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid. The latter is a strong disinfectant that kills germs, odors, mold, and mildew, and is actually created naturally by the body to defend against viruses and bacterial infections. From start to completion, the process takes about six minutes, and then consumers can use the cleaner right from the spray dispenser.

There may be some sticker shock—the starter kit, which comes with the electrolyzing apparatus, five activator capsules, and an on-the-go spray bottle, costs $89.99—but the company says after that up-front cost, its capsules cost less per ounce than traditional products, and can be used throughout the home to streamline cleaning purchases.

“We don’t add any dyes, any fragrances. Our whole goal is to make homes safer,” Posa says. “That’s our high-level goal here.”