In Season: Asparagus

Welcome spring with these five asparagus recipes.

Stepping into a big box grocery store, it’s easy to think that all produce grows all year round—but that’s hardly the case. In this series, we’ll highlight what’s in season right here and right now.


When you think of asparagus, perhaps you think of summer. In actuality, however, the nutrient-rich vegetable’s growing season starts in late April or early May, and is abundant until July. The asparagus season isn’t as long as other warm weather vegetables, such as zucchini and summer squash, so be sure to take advantage of the delicious spears while you can.

Nutrition: Asparagus is an excellent source of vitamins K, C, and E, as well as folate, copper, and selenium.

Why that’s important: Vitamin K helps regulate bone and blood health, may also prevent heart disease. Vitamins C and E both help with disease prevention and immune health, while folate and copper are necessary for cell health. Selenium is an essential mineral that fights against free radicals and works as an antioxidant.

Where to find them: Check farmers’ markets once they start up for the season, or buy it at your grocery store. Look for dark green stems with a purple tinge on the spears.

Five asparagus recipes:

1. Curried Quinoa Asparagus Salad
via The Clever Carrot

Asparagus doesn’t always have to be a side dish. In this protein-packed salad, it’s the main event. A ginger-curry vinaigrette adds zesty flavor.

2. Baked Asparagus Fries
via Damn Delicious

Next time you’re craving fries, try a healthier alternative. These baked asparagus fries are seasoned with breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, and pepper, so you won’t even need condiments.

3. Creamy Vegan Lemon Asparagus Pasta
via Minimalist Baker

There may be no better springtime pairing than lemon and asparagus. This vegan pasta gets its creamy base from almond milk, and a cheesy flavor from nutritional yeast.

4. White Asparagus with Herb Sabayon Sauce
via Feed Me Phoebe

This recipe utilizes white asparagus, a lesser-known alternative to the traditional vegetable. Either variety will taste delicious with herb sabayon sauce, a healthier version of hollandaise.

5. Asparagus Basil Salad
via Elana’s Pantry

With avocado, cherry tomatoes, and basil, this salad is the perfect light lunch or side dish. Add mixed greens to squeeze in even more vegetables.