Top Doctors 2016: The Best Physicians in Boston

Find the right doctor for you with our new list of Boston's best physicians in 60 specialties. Plus: How to (almost) live forever, and more stories from our annual Top Docs issue. —Edited by Brittany Jasnoff

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Helping us breathe easier: Dr. Sidhu Gangadharan, Chief of the Division of Thoracic Surgery and Interventional Pulmonology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. / Photograph by Jason Grow

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Our annual list of the best physicians in 60 specialties. Search our database by name, hospital, specialty, or zip code to find the right doctor or you and your loved ones.


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Photograph by Bruce Peterson

How to Live Forever*

Boston’s leading doctors and researchers are on the front lines of the battle against aging, exploring why our bodies break down over time, and how science can help us slow the inevitable. Do our brightest medical minds hold the secrets to everlasting life? Read on to find out.

*Results may vary.

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The Science of Getting Old

I Wanted Eternal Life

Then I talked to some of the world’s best scientists about what it means to grow old.


The Future of Aging

The human body isn’t built to last. Cells die, muscles break down, eyes weaken, joints buckle, and organs fail. But piece by piece, ambitious researchers around the city are devising ways to keep us up and running longer than ever.

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Aging Gracefully & Healthfully

I Got Over the Fear of Aging. I Turned 100.

A participant in Boston Medical Center’s Long Life Family Study shares a century of wisdom.


The Brain-Body Connection

When it comes to aging, there are some things beyond our control. Happily, staying fit—both cognitively and physically—isn’t one of them. Ahead, six easy ways to slow the sands of time, courtesy of local experts.

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Fake It Till You Make It

I Tried to Freeze Time

Is there anything we won’t do to look younger? One writer journeyed into the frozen tundra of a Newbury Street med spa to find out.


Forever Young

Call them intrepid, call them insane—just don’t call them old. Here are four ways local scientists and celebrities have gone the extra mile (and then some) to stop time from marching on.