Tom Brady, Under Armour Release the Pajamas of Your Dreams

Athlete Recovery Sleepwear helps the body rebuild and keep working hard.

Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

Athlete Recovery Sleepwear/Photo courtesy of Under Armour

Want to go to bed with Tom Brady?

Gisele may have dibs on the real deal (sorry), but you can have the next best thing: Brady’s new Athlete Recovery Sleepwear line from Under Armour.

The pajamas, which are “engineered with TB12 recovery technology,” promise to help restore the body after exercise and prime it to keep working hard. According to Under Armour, the lining of each garment absorbs natural body heat and reflects it back as far infrared energy, which has been shown to improve recovery. The brand also says the loungewear can promote better sleep, reduce inflammation, and regulate cell metabolism. Lofty claims for a set of jammies.

The line, made for both men and women, includes pants, long-sleeve tops, shorts, and short-sleeve tops. Pants and long-sleeves cost $100 each, while shorts and short-sleeves cost $80 each. Bringing TB12 into your bedroom—and into your kitchen and pantry—is an investment.

Learn more about Brady’s sleep habits—he prefers a 65-degree room, FYI—and his latest product on Under Armour’s website.