Drop Everything: Polar Seltzer Has a New Product

Seltzer'ade is a calorie-free take on lemonade.


Seltzer’ade/Photo by Jamie Ducharme

Drop everything and get to the grocery store.

Polar Seltzer, New England’s favorite purveyor of all things bubbly, has a new product, called Seltzer’ade. According to Seltzer’ade’s website, it’s “bubbles with the charm of your favorite lemonade, but none of the guilt.”

What that means, we can confirm after tasting, is that these babies are slightly more flavorful versions of Polar’s classic products, in delightful, citrus-centric varieties. They’re still sugar-, sweetener-, and calorie-free, and made with “essence” of lemon and lime, rather than actual juice. You can enjoy flavors including raspberry pink lemonade, mango limeade, watermelon lemonade, blueberry lemonade, and tart cherry limeade.

Unlike Polar’s usual product releases—think Unicorn Kisses and Seltzebrate—Seltzer’ade is here to stay. Cans are beginning to trickle into area stores, and will remain a constant fixture.

The hunt is on.