Introducing Our 2021 List of Top Dentists

It's our annual guide to the best tooth experts around.



Photo via Jett Productions Inc/Getty Images

Let’s face it: Living through an ongoing pandemic has not been kind to our teeth—especially for those of us who postponed our regular dental appointments, only to find that six months out (and then another six months, and another six months), things haven’t changed all that much.

The good news? Whether you’re looking to find a new general practitioner to make your pearly whites sparkle again or a specialist to finally take care of that lingering problem, our all-new list of Top Dentists is here to make the process as pain-free as possible. To help you find the provider you need right now, we asked dentists in the region who they’d nominate as a Top Dentist in a select number of specialties; after tallying more than 5,000 votes and having an advisory board review the results, we came up with this, our annual guide to the best tooth experts around.

Sort by name, town, or specialty to find the right dentist for you—then finally check that appointment off your to-do list.

The List