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Winter 2009 Issue

Home & Property

Best of Boston Home 2009

The premier designers, contractors, shops, and more, in Boston and beyond.

Lofty Expectations

Michelle Oliver and her partner moved across the country where they renovated a beautiful loft in Southie.


Two Boston Architects Build Their Dream Getaway Home in Vermont

A Boston couple who frequents Vermont decided to take their architectural prowess to the next level by designing their dream vacation home. What they created was a unique design that used environmentally friendly materials.

Lauded Architect Transforms a Dilapidated Factory in Somerville Into A Stunning Home

Adèle Naudé Santos took an abandoned factory and redesigned it into a beautiful, unique home for herself.

Three Residents of Wilkes Passage Show You Their Beautifully Designed Homes

As expected in a condo building that many architects and designers call home, Wilkes Passage features beautiful displays of interior design. Here, three residents give you an inside look.

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Hand-Me-Down Furniture

Finds at antique shops and old furniture from friends and relatives can create a homey feel and help save money on decorating.

Ligne Roset Owners Rick and Ellen Grossman Furnish Their Home With an Eclectic Collection of Fine Art

Decades of art collecting creates a home that feels like it belongs more to art historians than furniture dealers.

Prime Seating

Why our city’s most expensive sofas cost as much as midesize sedans.

Close Encounters

Sustainable, locally made materials to lessen your eco-impact

What’s in Store: Acquire

A North End décor boutique packed with one-of-a-kind tabletop accessories and furniture.

Seat Yourself

Which high-end sofa makes sense for you?


This winter, we take a shine to exceptionally designed chairs and sparkling modern lamps.

Booked Solid

Rick and Ellen Grossman’s library brims with design and architecture books, novels, and art such as this Evelyn Hofer photo.

The Automated House

Local home software company System 7, waiting for the mail guy and locking your own doors are obsolete chores.

Home Design

Hood Wink

Check out Arclinea’s alternative option to having a hulking overhead vent above your stove.

Working with different budgets, designer Eric Roseff redecorates a brownstone reading nook two ways.

TOTAL: $22,671 1. Flos Spun light, $2,175, Montage. 2. Handblown glass vase, $48, Pod. 3. Niagara Phobia, by Chuck Voelter, $5,200, Jules Place. 4. Michael […]

Your Highness

Küster’s new K2 chair has an easy, retro look, but how does it stand up to the scrutiny of our magazine’s parent staffers?

Helping Hands

South End artist Polly Becker assembles vintage and found objects to embody a particular theme—in this case, volunteerism—then photographs her work. The resulting images, very […]