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January 2008 Issue

Where to Dine Now

The 35 places that deliver the most bang for your dining dollar—no matter what you’re spending.


Click, Click, Boom

With nothing more than a pair of laptops, Joseph Shahda is waging a do-it-yourself war on terrorism that is proving very successful at frustrating his targets. Not to mention the federal government.

Luciano Manganella’s Final Sale

His beloved Jasmine Sola stores are slated to close next month, done in by a bad corporate marriage and a less-publicized sexual harassment scandal with him squarely at its center. To hear the chain’s brash founder tell it, though, the real victim in this sordid affair is him.

Playing Through the Pain

Ask sports fans from across the country to describe Boston, and you’ll hear this: “City of Champions.” Ask athletes themselves the same question, and you’ll hear it described in very different terms: as a city of racists. If it’s not a fair label anymore, as so many of us insist, then why won’t it go away?


Driven to Insanity

Years of bad feelings among cabbies, passengers, and city regulators are coming to a boil. But the question of how to fix the problem remains as inscrutable as that foul-smelling stuff your driver’s eating.



Dining Out: Chinese Breakout

New South End arrival Myers + Chang is a work in progress, but its remix of classic Asian fare is compelling enough to keep diners coming back for more.