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March 2003 Issue


After much hoopla, Krispy Kreme will finally open its first Boston-area shop this spring, kicking off a no-holes-barred battle with hometown Dunkin' Donuts. A behind-the-scenes look at how both sides are gearing up for the food fight of a century.

It was Albert Carducci's day off, and had it been up to him, he wouldn't have spent it making baked-goods history. Really, though, he had […]

Italians are now as much in charge of this town as the Irish. Why are they so shy about it?

The crowded tenements of Boston's old West End were long ago torn down, of course, victims of the famously misguided urban renewal project that made […]

Except for the geeky nametags, you'd hardly notice the people who come here for conventions. But they're worth billions to the city. It's a cutthroat business. And at the center of it all is one man in a shiny suit.

For Boston, it was an unaccustomed bit of kitschy showmanship. But Charlie Greco is an unconventional guy. Greco's Big Announcement wouldn't be made at City […]

Where most people saw a cold, bunkerlike building, one couple spied a cozy, modern retreat. Their vision led to a redesigned house that's now as big on style as it is in square footage.

The shortest distance between two points isn't always a straight line — especially if your taste is out of the ordinary. The road to Peter […]

Thieves, prostitutes, murderers, exhibitionists — these are the characters that appear before Boston Municipal Court Judge Dermot Meagher every day. In his 14 years on the bench, he's seen it all. one day, he decided to write about it. The followi

The Armani Scam “I'm no scamster, Judge.” These were the first words the defendant said to me. He was nervously energetic like Ratso Rizzo in […]

With billions of dollars at stake, Ivy League researchers are getting caught stealing secrets from their own labs. But is it for the money? Or the fame?

So here you are, toiling away in a drab basement laboratory in some nondescript brick building, surrounded by white walls, fluorescent lights, and God-awful smells. […]

New England's pricey private ski academies aren't just playgrounds for Oakley-wearing future Olympians who ski all day. They snowboard, too.

If the road to the Olympics runs through Sugarloaf/USA, as the banner across the mountain's entryway proclaims, then the kids at Carrabassett Valley Academy are […]

Joe Thornton is finally living up to the hype. But can the Bruins' 23-year-old captain lead the team to the Stanley Cup?

Joe Thornton drives really fast. Not like some video game maniac or anything. No, he's in total control, loose but composed. It's the same way […]


It’s time to raise a glass to the best of the browns, whether they’re from Ireland, Scotland, or Tennessee.

I once spent a cold, rainy night at a fancy British inn where I was attended by a brilliant Irish butler named Morris, whose wry […]