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March 2005 Issue


Travel: Quick Weekend Getaways: Chesapeake City, MD

Overall vibe: At the head of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, seafaring container ships pass through the middle of a quaint Victorian canal town. What to do/see: […]

Harvard President Lawrence Summers says his comments about women's innate talents (or lack thereof) were mere intellectual provocation. Women the world over disagreed. Now Summers finds himself on the defensive, while a divided university debates jus

In January of 1991, economist Lawrence Summers took a leave from his Harvard professorship and moved to Washington to work for the World Bank. His […]

Boston's ready for its close-up. But with two competing voices trying to lure film shoots, who is Hollywood supposed to call?

It was as close to a slam dunk as you get in the movie business. The producers of The Departed, the Martin Scorsese film starring […]

She's blonde, she's busty, and she's been around. In her 12-year career, Norwell native and Emerson grad Jennifer Coolidge has veered from sex-starved mother in American Pie to gold-digging lesbian dog lover in Best in Show<

On Boston I was in L.A. during the World Series, and I can't tell you how sad I was not to be in Boston. I […]

Infighting, politics, and red tape are costing our state its head start in the race to profit from stem-cell research.

With the herky-jerky physicality of a man who has spent his life stooped over a microscope, Dr. Robert Lanza picks his way through the cramped […]

Ken Chandler wants to turn the Herald into the anti-Globe. His plan might be just crazy enough to work — that is, if he can get his own reporters to buy into it.

Every weekday at 3 o'clock, Ken Chandler, the top editor at the Boston Herald, sits down with his deputies to plot the contents of the […]

The Harvard Nazi

Many amateur genealogists delve into the family archives in search of heroic ancestors—royalty, most commonly—to make them feel better about themselves. What if, instead, they […]

A well-edited collection of art, furniture, books, and life's little necessities keeps the focus on subtle simplicity at one local designer's cozy but comfortable pied-à-terre.

When in Los Angeles, interior designer James Swan lives full-throttle. He dashes between one client's Holmby Hills mansion and the Hollywood Hills ranch of another, […]



At their new restaurant, chefs and brothers Bob and David Kinkead make the best of Sibling Rivalry.

Of course, the name is inaccurate. David and Bob Kinkead aren't rivals: They're good friends. David even became a chef because he admired his older […]

If being a connoisseur of beers seems oxymoronic, you need to hoist one of New England’s new craft brews.

Nearly a decade ago, I was editor of a highbrow glossy magazine aimed at savvy Gen-X guys with refined tastes for adventure travel, extreme sports, […]