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May 2003 Issue


Power: The 100 Women Who Run This Town

Twenty years ago — perhaps even ten — it would have been impossible to publish a story about the 100 most powerful women in Boston. […]


For most of us, the Charles River is just scenery. But this natural playground offers some of America's greatest urban adventures. And it flows right through our backyard.

The spiders of the Upper Charles still chase me in my nightmares. What could be a deer tick — I was never sure — still […]

Where does the CIA go to find its next generation of agents? Career fairs at MIT and Tufts for starters. And unlike the counterculture days of old, students today are lining up to get their license to kill.

Somehow, you just don't expect to find the CIA recruiting at a college career fair. You know, right out there in the open in MIT's […]

You've heard about this — a lot lately — but you never thought it could happen to you. You're walking down the street when you hear a loud crack. Your last thought: The bullet wasn't meant for you. Then the lights go out.

Here it comes, ripping through the air at 2,000 feet per second. That's nearly the length of seven football fields — in a sneeze. That […]

You don't have to travel far to find a seductive taste of something different. Boston's many ethnic neighborhoods are a gateway to culinary and cultural gratification.

We Bostonians tend to rendezvous with other neighborhoods as if we're cheating on our own. We tryst with Chinatown for dim sum and cold tea, […]

Ranking the best golf courses in the region.

If you play golf in Greater Boston, hearing that the best golfer in the world will be visiting us soon only confirms what you already […]

In an excerpt from his controversial book, due out this month, a South Boston drug dealer recalls the dirty work he says he did for the FBI's second-most-wanted man.

On a late January afternoon in 1980, Whitey Bulger stepped from the shadows. I was working out in my second-floor apartment on Boston Street in […]

Read This From the Beginning 81 Jane Lundquist 49, President and COO, Cambridgeport Bank There are 19 female bank presidents in this state. But there's […]

They hook up online. They hook up in real life. With prom season looming, meet your kids — they might know more about sex than you do.

Four South Shore teenagers are packed into a new, parentally subsidized, white compact car, which is driving too fast down Route 53. They have plenty […]

A year ago, women finally started gaining ground in Massachusetts politics. Now they're barely in the race. What happened?

Under the chandeliers of the Swissôtel ballroom, the front-line troops of female political activism have gathered to raise money for the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus […]