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November 2023 Issue


The Top 50 Restaurants in Boston

Our annual field-tested, scrupulously vetted, and deeply opinionated ranking of the best places to eat right now in Boston and beyond.


City Life

In Defense of Public Libraries

In the age of book bans and digital technology, a case for why we should love libraries now more than ever.

City Life

Inside the Bunker with Michelle Wu

Almost halfway through her inaugural term, the city’s youngest modern mayor is winning fans, battling critics and marking the days. Can the Harvard-educated leader make a better, more equitable Boston before time runs out?


City Life

Why Are So Many Wild Turkeys on the Loose in Massachusetts?

Once nearly extinct, the birds today are everywhere, strutting around town like they run the place—and not just on Thanksgiving. It’s time to talk…well, you know.

Arts & Entertainment

The Tao of Wyc Grousbeck

Favorite player? Sudden comebacks? Elusive championship No. 18? The Celtics lead owner has an opinion—and he’s not holding back.

Arts & Entertainment

Has Boston Gone Country?

Like it or not, the honky-tonk sound of the South is taking over Rock City. We’ve come a long way, cowboy.

Fashion + Style


Five Stores to Find Holiday Outfits in Boston

Ready for a whirlwind of holiday gatherings, parties, and dinners? Don’t fret—here’s where to find the perfect clothes for every occasion.

Life & Style

How Local Painter Lauren Zavala Turns Designer Bags into Fine Art

The Providence-based artist elevates luxury goods into gallery couture.

City Life

Cat Masks, Dumb Money, and Chicken Tenders in Champagne

Dispatches from the premiere of Ben Mezrich’s GameStop-Reddit movie, the Camp Harbor View Beach Ball and more.


A Traveler’s Guide to Punta Cana

With new hotels and attractions galore, the Dominican Republic’s legendary playground offers nothing but positive vibes.

Home Design

Home & Property

So You Want to Live in Sudbury?

It’s one of the most popular MetroWest towns for a reason. Here’s why residents love it—and how you can get in.

Home & Property

How Do You Make a Drab 1930s Kitchen Come Alive?

For one Brookline family, the solution was glass doors, custom green paint, and help from interior designer Kati Curtis.

Home & Property

Real Estate Showdown: A Wellesley Single-Family vs. a Back Bay Townhouse

It’s amazing what a few miles can do to the market. This month, we compare two homes with custom libraries—one in the city, and one near Route 9.



Beyond the Top 50: (Almost) Open for Business

Could these hotly anticipated restaurant openings get a spot on next year’s Top 50 Restaurants list? Only time will tell.


Beyond the Top 50: Let’s Do Brunch

Every big night out is followed by the morning—make it count at one of these top spots.


Beyond the Top 50: Casual Faves

When we’re not splurging on a big night out, you’ll find us ordering up low-key meals at these classics.