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September 2007 Issue

Junior Achievers

The anxious parent’s answer-filled guide to the Hub’s finest preschools.


Business Models

How do stores choose what to carry for a new season? What determines whether a certain piece makes the cut? To hear Boston’s forward-thinking retailers tell it, the decision is a complex—and incredibly personal—mix of economics, store philosophy, and gut instinct.

The Other Side of Enlightenment

Radio legend Charles Laquidara had an urgent request for Somerville cult expert Steve Hassan: Rescue his son, Ari, who’d become blindly devoted to the mystical Dahn Yoga community. Three years later, it’s unclear just who’s not seeing the truth.

The Truth Hurts

I used to laugh at those parents who took the whole preschool admissions rigmarole so seriously. Until I discovered early education mattered more than I knew—and for reasons I never expected.

Flip-Flopping all the Way to the White House

How our ex-pro-choice, for-gay-rights-before-he-was-against-them, varmint-huntin’, inimitably shifty, undeniably cunning former governor is turning flip-flopping into a surprisingly viable presidential campaign strategy.

The Gambling Man

As the leader of the Mashpee Wampanoag, Glenn Marshall jump-started the frenzied race to bring casino gambling to Massachusetts—a race a lot of powerful people are now working to make sure he doesn’t win. But the hardheaded ex-Marine has a knack for getting his way. And, like his tribe itself, he’s never afraid of a good fight.


…And Now a Few Words from the Hosts

They have well-earned reputations as two of the toughest interviewers in town. Both celebrate big milestones this year. And as we found out, Emily Rooney and Jim Braude prove just as provocative when they’re the ones fielding the questions.

My Friend, the Planet Wrecker

In the local world of hard-core Hummer devotees, Manny MacMillan is a bona fide celebrity. To me—a Jetta-owning, enlightened SUV-hater—he’s also a reminder that none of us really are what we drive.

Meet the New Boss(es)

It’s called workplace democracy, and at the local companies leading the movement, employees can set their own pay, veto new projects—even demote the chief exec. But as some are finding, that’s still not always enough to make coworkers get along.

They’re Baaaaaack!

Boston’s fast-expanding colleges and universities are supposed to be one of the things that make the place special. So why are they letting their coddled students drain the lifeblood out of this town?



Dining Out: A Riviera Runs Through It

With veteran restaurateur Michela Larson at the helm, new South End hot spot Rocca charts a course through the flavors of coastal Italian cuisine.