Charlie Moore Gets A Sitcom Deal

BD_moore.jpgCharlie Moore, the vainglorious Mad Fisherman who’s become a fishing fixture on NESN and a fan favorite among national audiences on ESPN, has never been shy with bold predictions pertaining to his talents—which have historically involved pulling fish from lakes. When I hung out with Charlie last summer for a profile he likened his career to an investment opportunity.

Actually, what he said was: “Put your money in Mad Fish stock. I fucking guarantee that shit’s going through the roof.”

This week comes promising word on that Moore stock: the Mad Fisherman has inked a deal with Fox Broadcasting and Paramount Pictures to produce a pilot for a network sitcom. Though it’s in the early scripting phase, the conceit that was shopped to the network channels both real life and the old ABC program “Home Improvement.” In the show a wacky Bostonian with a local fishing program will engage in comedic nonsense with lovingly tolerant family. Filming could begin this winter with a possible pickup for airing in the fall of 2008.