The Week That Was

1193326705Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (T Radio, we hardly knew ya edition).

Evil Empire? Us? No, not really.

Went to an Obama rally, and a whole bunch of intolerance broke out: Note that’s Obama, not Osama Mitch, we mean Mitt.

But where will we go for our agit-prop fix? A conversation with Jimmy Tingle after his agonizing decision to shutdown his theater.

Our short city nightmare is over: T Radio goes back to the circle of hell from whence it came.


Not a good opening for Ben Affleck: We maintain that he is still a genius, despite his film’s lackluster opening.

Romney and John McCain beat the hell out of each other: Maybe that’s why he called him Osama. Punch drunk.


Talking with Banafseh Ehtemam: The fascinating world of Iran, as seen through her lens.

And don’t forget that note from your mother: A creative judge sentences unruly Sox fans to homework. Naturally, we tried to help.


Why should we be upset when our baseball team is wicked awesome? Cause it makes baby boomers nostalgic, apparently.


Another death-blow to patriotism: We love your beer, Sam Adams, but isn’t this is a bit much?

Speaking of beer: Is there anything you won’t sell, Remy? Seriously.


Your handy guide to Denver: No humidor needed.

Life didn’t stop for everyone last night: Matthew Reed Baker cheers on a different team.

If you’re going to self-publish, do it right: Salem’s Brunonia Barry tells us how she made it to the big time.

Red Sox

2007 Defined: It’s a whole new ballgame. Oh, and see ya Cleveland.

Rox and Sox Preview: We were right about Wakefield pitching games 2 and 6. Too bad he won’t be able to show everyone how smart we really are.

Boo-freaking-hoo, the Red Sox won’t make any money on the playoffs: Says who? Says the paper that owns a stake in the team.

Rudy wants to be a part of Red Sox nation: Um, how about f–k off?

Game 1 is in the books: That was certainly fun.

So is Game 2: Thanks, Tito!


Lotto Luck: You can do what you want, but don’t mess with our scratch tickets.

Gambling makes strange bedfellows: How dog racing could impact casino development.

You never said this would be multiple choice: More shortsighted legislation.

Who needs Deval Patrick? The Mashpee might not.