It’s Who You Know

1193846169It’s been a busy month for our boy Ben Affleck. Not only has his directorial debut Gone Baby Gone opened to critical acclaim and unimpressive box office numbers, he’s also managed to get himself in the middle of a media controversy.

Affleck was interviewed for the November issue of Details magazine and was quoted as saying “I’ve gone out and directed a movie and made it really f–king good.” Dan Peres, the editor of Details, ran this correction in the December issue:

Our November issue’s cover interview with Ben Affleck quoted him as saying, ‘I’ve gone out and directed a movie and made it really f–king good,’ about his movie Gone Baby Gone. Affleck never made such a statement. In addition, the article implied that Affleck might leave Los Angeles if the movie failed. Affleck also never made this statement. Details apologizes for these errors.

Which contradicts the claims made by a Details spokeswoman to the New York Observer:

“The comments were taken out of context,” said Lisa Dallos, a spokeswoman for Details. “There was absolutely nothing that was fabricated.”

Many blogs have seized on the fact that Peres and Affleck are “good friends” and that Peres may have scapegoated the writer in order to make Affleck happy. But the two men share more than a bond of friendship. They’ve both used public relations consultant, Ken Sunshine.

It’s widely known that Sunshine represents Affleck, but Details also worked with Sunshine’s firm after its controversial “Gay or Asian?” feature in April 2004. Hmmmm. We called Sunshine’s firm and they said that they don’t represent the magazine (anymore).

Not that Affleck should be ashamed of what he said in any context. Gone Baby Gone is f–king good, even with its lower than expected box office numbers. Don’t worry so much, Ben. We still think you’re a genius.