Big Day For Big Schill

1194360809The last few days for Curt Schilling have been, well, enormous. Not only did he get a new contract from the Sox that will pay him a good chunk of change for not being, um, enormous, he was also nominated for a weblog award for Best Celebrity Blog. The competition is fierce for 38pitches, however, since he must go up against Rosie O’Donnell, Mark Cuban, and The Donald.

Schilling has said this will be his last year. Of course he said the same thing a couple of years ago, and if there is one thing we know about professional athletes it’s that we should never believe them when they make these kind of pronouncements. That’s fine by us. It’s their career and they can do what they want.

But if this is the last year for Schilling, maybe he will feel free to elevate his feud with Dan Shaughnessy, since the Globie unloaded on Schillingin his column with both barrels. As expected, Shaughnessy took the usual potshots, but he curiously added that the Sox made Schilling an offer they expected him to refuse.

“Count the Red Sox among those stunned by this development. They tendered an offer they believed Schilling would reject.”

Kind of hard to believe that the Sox would be upset about a guy with Schilling’s pedigree taking a hometown discount for one year, but since we love athlete/media feuds maybe this one will finally go to its ultimate conclusion: Shaughnessy and Schilling on Jim Braude’s show debating journalism ethics. Make it happen, Jim!

All that is window dressing for the pitcher/auteur. The big prize is the Webbie, but it must be said that if Schilling takes the award over Gilbert Arenas there should be an investigation.

MORE SOX: According to reports, the team is closing in on re-signing World Series hero Mike Lowell, if they guarantee a third year. The alternatives for the Sox are not all that appealing since they would have to either overpay for A-Rod (please no) or trade prospects for damaged good like Joe Crede (back) or Miguel Cabrera (a DH waiting to happen). And finally, a belated congrats to Boston Daily favorite Kevin Youkilis for winning a well-deserved Gold Glove for his work at first base. Youk is hosting a charity event at Mohegan Sun this Saturday.