The Big Baby Chronicles, Part I

1194898506Like the rest of you, we have quickly fallen for the new-look Celtics. It’s not just that they’re good, it’s that they are dispelling the conventional NBA maxim that says that stars can’t play together without acting like brats. This team is good and likable.

But while we admire the shooting prowess of Ray Allen, the intensity of Kevin Garnett, and the energy of Eddie House, we have decided to adopt Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis as the official Celtic of Boston Daily.

Why Big Baby? For starters, we are huge fans of his literary talents. There’s funny and there’s eclectic, but when you get funny and eclectic packed into a 289-pound frame, that friends, is genius.

But Big Baby can play a little bit too. In a win over the Nets Saturday, he had six points and eight boards in 17 minutes. Afterward he told the Herald’s Steve Bulpett that his diary was going on hiatus.

“I want to get down to business. I haven’t done anything yet, so I think I should just be doing my work and staying focused, you know? I don’t want to draw any attention to myself, except on the court.

“That’s the approach I want to take now. So until ‘Big Baby’ gets a little more manly and becomes a player, I’m going to just keep to basketball.”

That’s a totally understandable position for the young fella to take, but Bulpett goes on to note that some team officials were a little concerned about Big Baby’s musings, which is the kind of recidivist thinking that has long kept hilarious 12th men in check. Where would we, as NBA fans, be without Paul Shirley, for example?

Don’t worry about the killjoys in the Celtics front office Glen, we got your back. You just keep working on cracking that rotation and being the best Big Baby you can be. And if you ever feel like blogging again…