Breaking News: Lowell’s Back

1193839290According to a report on the Herald’s website by Rob Bradford, third baseman Mike Lowell has agreed to the parameters of a deal that will keep him in Boston for three more years. The World Series MVP leveraged his great season, and terrific postseason, into a deal which is probably a year longer than the Red Sox actually wanted to go.

It would also appear that various reports of 4-year deals, and $50-60 million offers from the Yankees were just smoke.

We’ll have more details as they become available, but this is a solid move for the Sox, as they continue what appears to be their quietest offseason since Theo Epstein became general manager. By keeping Lowell, they can also leave Kevin Youkilis and his Gold Glove defense at first base.

This would also allow them to stay out of the Miguel Cabrera market, which figures to get prohibitively expensive now that Alex Rodriguez and Lowell are presumably returning to their respective homes.