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1196106936A more mature Obama Girl stops in New Hampshire: Oprah Winfrey will campaign for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in the Granite State on December 8. While it’s doubtlessly a boon for the campaign, the only time we want to see Oprah is when it’s the “Favorite Things” episode of her talk show. We’re suckers for swag. [WBZ]

The answer to “Do I look fat in this” is most likely “No”: Boston ranked lowest on a list of the 50 most obese cities in America. It’s yet another reason why we love living here. []

Talk about a nice holiday bonus: A full World Series share for a member of the Boston Red Sox is a generous $308,236, but is almost $54,000 less than last year’s payout by the St. Louis Cardinals. Somehow, we think this won’t ruin anybody’s Christmas. []

Since when do blackjack dealers work on cars? Employees at Foxwoods Casino voted 1,289 to 852 to join the United Auto Workers. Casino officials maintain the election should not have been held since they claim the National Labor Board didn’t have jurisdiction over tribal employment affairs. Experts say the decision will likely stand. [Providence Journal]