Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1196366782He doesn’t want a pony, he wants the whole farm: The details of Gov Deval Patrick’s $2.9 billion bond bill have been released. It will fix roads and bridges, extend the Green and Blue Lines, create commuter rail service to New Bedford, repair the Fitchburg line, and improve regional airports. It also slices and dices. []

Someday call Maury Povich: A Sandwich woman and her 22-year-old son are suing the National Enquirer over claims the son was fathered by our own Edward Kennedy. The boy says he “was subjected to ridicule and scorn among his peer group” after the story ran. While Teddy may not be perfect, we would have shut those kids up by informing them they wouldn’t be invited to Daddy’s compound next summer. [WCVB]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas: It’s apparently going to be bone-chillingly cold this weekend, with a chance of snow and ice on Sunday. It’s cute now, but once we’ve opened all our presents at the end of next month, we’ll be over it. [WBZ]

Take it off! For those who were disappointed that today’s story on Scituate-born artist Kurt Kauper’s naked Bruins players didn’t show the entire work, you can view the art in its, um, entirety at the gallery’s website. We shouldn’t have to warn you, but it’s not suitable for workplace consumption. [Deitch Projects via Universal Hub]