Huckabee Passes Romney

1197049501Last Friday, a poll came out that was bad news for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Today, a new national poll was released that shows Mike Huckabee’s popularity is growing nationwide. That’s bad news for evangelical-voter-loving Mitt Romney, who is six points behind Huckabee in the poll.

Ruh-roh, Mitt.

A new national poll out today has Mike Huckabee in second place and hot on the heels of front-runner Rudy Giuliani among Republicans. . . . Huckabee has support from 18 percent, compared to 26 percent for [Rudy] Giuliani, 13 percent for John McCain, and 12 percent for Mitt Romney. [Fred] Thompson has fallen to fifth with 11 percent.

Mitt hasn’t done very well in the national polls throughout his campaign, but now that he’s played his “Mormon speech” card, any news that Huckabee is gaining ground isn’t good. Who knew being a Southern Baptist and landing an endorsement from Chuck Norris could help a candidate so much?