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1197898043Don’t kiss the phrase “the sanctity of human life” goodbye quite yet: Researchers at Harvard say the new method of producing stem cells from skin cells could cause complications if they are inserted into humans, so Harvard will continue researching the controversial embryonic cells. [Globe]

His heart grew three sizes that day: Experts are divided on whether former governor Mitt Romney’s waterworks on Meet the Press will help his campaign. All we do know is that we’re happy it wasn’t Hillary Clinton crying on air or we’d never hear the end of it. [Herald]

Ron Paul drops the money bomb: Even though there was no blimp in Boston, Ron Paul still managed to break his earlier fundraising record, this time raising $5.2 million in a day. That’s impressive, but imagine how much money they’d have made if the blimp showed up. [Globe]

Jasmine Sola picked a bad time to go under: Colleges from UMass Boston to Emerson are working on plans to expand their facilities in order to woo students. Critics say college expansions are bad for the area, ruining the tax base. [Herald]