Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1198094883Ashes to ashes, snow to snow: Harvard’s Eliot House mourns the loss of its beloved snow igloo at the hands of the Harvard hockey team. We feel for their loss, but we love this quote: “Apparently someone called [the Harvard police], and [the attackers] ran like the little pussies they are. . . Too bad that while [their] 1200 [SAT score] was good enough to get them in here it [isn’t] good enough to get them a job after they leave.” Oh Harvard, we love you. [The Harvard Crimson]

Maybe they’ll rename it the Smaller Than Average bar: It looks like the late great Littlest Bar will reopen in the Financial District, though it will hold about twice as many people as the old Downtown Crossing location. We’re just excited to have our favorite dive back. [Herald]

The law is the law, but Chuck Turner doesn’t care: In a stroke of genius, WBZ sends cameras to the homes of Boston City Councilors and hits paydirt with Councilor Chuck Turner, who hasn’t shoveled his sidewalk. Turner claims the “cultural practice” is to not use the sidewalk in his neighborhood, but he’ll pay any fines he gets. [WBZ]

Happy Holidays, now get out: Instead of holiday bonuses, city employees in Lawrence are getting pink slips. Forty workers were laid of yesterday, and more people can expect to get canned in order to close a $2.3 million deficit. [Globe]