The Patriots 2007 Boston Daily Yearbook

1195486247With the Patriots regular season set to conclude tomorrow evening in the lovely New Jersey swamps (aka Jimmy Hoffa’s final resting place), we thought it was time to revisit the boys’ incredible ride.

Remember way back in September when people wondered if Randy Moss would fit in, or if Rodney Harrison would be damaged by his HGH suspension? Yeah, neither do we which is why we decided to lake a look back, Boston Daily-style at the Patriots 2007 season.


And so it begins as the Patriots crush their hated rival, the New York Jets. The star of the day is Moss, who suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad dude.

The Pats are so good, in fact, it’s almost as if they had the other team’s signals. Oh.

Within seconds of the spying allegations, the entire NFL media machine descends upon the Patriots questioning everything, including their Super Bowl wins.

In the midst of all this, one of our writers happened to be at Temple for Rosh Hashanah and he filed this report.

1189707192Not everyone was rushing to kill the Pats. Fitzy Fitzgerald implored the world: Leave Bill Belichick alone.

We wondered if Belichick was the new Red Auerbach, infuriating Gonzalez which is always fun.

Rather than tackling the X’s and O’s, our own Amy Derjue broke-down Tom Brady’s modeling work. The ladies seem to like him.


There was a little thing that month called the World Series to occupy our time, and let’s face it: the Pats were beating the hell out of everyone. That left one lingering question. Are they being mean?


When news of Spygate broke, no one was more vociferous in his condemnation of the Patriots than Tony Dungy, the holier-than-thou coach of the Colts. There is no love-lost between the two organizations, so it came as no shock that there were all sorts of strange doings during their game.

Now that the Colts were out of the way, those ’72 Dolphins started getting agitated the way grumpy old men sometimes do.

For the first time we wondered if the rest of the country would get to bask in the team’s undefeated glow on Dec. 29.

Fresh off their bye week, the Pats put a whuppin’ on Buffalo. It’s the last time they would play like that for a while.

Late November brought the Eagles, and their always serene fans, to town. We engaged in a little cross-mag trash talk with Philly Mag’s AJ Daulerio, who seemed unusually restrained.

The Pats beat the Birds, but not the spread.


Next up Baltimore, where the Ravens whined like the little b&*ches that they are after losing a heartbreaker.

A dumbass named Anthony Smith guaranteed a win for the Steelers, whereupon Tom Brady cursed him out like a drunken sailor and made it rain touchdown passes on his head.

It sure seems like Eric Mangini has a hard time keeping his story straight.

1189794443Running out of ways to say nothing, Belichick drops a little Zen on reporters.

The NFL reverses course and will let everyone watch the Pats coronation tomorrow.

So there you have it. Through it all there has been considerable hand-wringing at the Pats’ success. To that we say to all of you Patriots fans, relax and enjoy the ride. And for all you Pats haters: Uh, tough. No one had any sympathy during the Hugh Millen era.