The Week That Was

1198265602Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Holiday-abbreviated edition)

Not too many presidential candidates get the dreaded anti-endorsement: But our man Mitt did.

Benazir Bhutto’s tragic death brought forth remembrances of her time in Boston: No pith here.

Your Amateur First Night guide: Really there are more things to do on Monday then get hopelessly plastered and make a fool of yourself.


The whole world is watching: The Patriots, that is.

Somebody tell Rick and TC to get the chopper ready: Roger Clemens hires some private investigators.


More bad news for Mitt: Daniel Tavares will not go away.

Keohane takes on South Boston: In his usual inimitable style.

On the eve of their final game we look back at the Pats 2007 season: Sex, lies, and videotape. Well not so much sex. Or lies. But lots and lots of videotape.

Paul McMorrow puts together his list of the top Boston music releases this year: What, no Ernie and the Automatics?

That’s all for us on this abbreviated week. We’ll be back on Monday to help you usher in the New Year. If you need us we’ll be guarding our parking spot with a recycling bin.