Hillary Cries

1199734730Earlier today, we pointed out that Hillary Clinton started borrowing Barack Obama’s politics of change for her campaign, which was a sharp, uh, change, from her previous direction as the ‘experience’ candidate. We thought we went kind of easy on the former first lady, but it looks like we may have taken it too far. At a campaign event in Portsmouth, Clinton teared up.

While she was doubtlessly upset by our stinging rebuke, the question that got the New York senator misty was a personal one.

Marianne Pernold, 64, a freelance photographer, asked Clinton: “As a woman I know it is hard to get out of the house. And my question is very personal. How do you keep upbeat and look so good all the time?”

We’d guess it has something to do with Bill Clinton’s ravenous libido, but she claims it’s the help of hair and makeup people. As her voice cracked and her eyes welled up, she let it out. (Video here.)

“It’s not easy. It’s not easy,” she said. “This is very personal for me. It is not just political. It is not just public. I see what’s happening. We have to reverse it. And some people think elections are a game; think like who is up who is down. It’s about our country.”

She went on to discuss her lack of sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition during the campaign. We don’t feel our best without a good eight hours and a run, so we understand where she’s coming from.

But you’ve got to keep it together, Hillary. Now you’ve just given ammunition for the Howie Carr’s and Bill O’Reilly’s of the world to make the “time of the month” jokes they’ve been dying to trot out. Be the snarky bitch we loved for a moment during Saturday’s debate, and save the tears.