The Ron Paul Revolution Gets (More) Absurd

1199803254Our focus here at Boston Daily has primarily (get it?) been on the front-runners in today’s contest in New Hampshire, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been following the excitement around our boy Ron Paul.

After a decent finish in Iowa, the man who would be the hands-off president is thriving in the land of like-minded libertarians (Live Free or Die!), and his supporters have brought a much-needed element of the absurd to the last-minute campaigning.

Angry that eeeeevil FOX News kept their man out of Sunday night’s debate, Paul’s fans have decided to hijack the media for their candidate. At a campaign stop for Mike Huckabee, about 30 Paul supporters showed up to steal the spotlight from the former Arkansas governor. And his eponymous hamburger.

As soon as Huckabee’s bus pulled up, the Paul supporters, all waving their own signs, began shouting “Tax Hike Mike!”

The Huckabee supporters, waving their own signs, tried to drown out the hecklers by instead shouting “We like Mike!”

The real tragedy is that nobody stepped in to keep Huckabee from actually sampling the foul-sounding Huck-a-Burger.

[A] Huckaburger is a patty of herb-seared bison, tomato, and baby spinach on a whole wheat English muffin, served with deep-fried pickles.

Burgers should not be served on English muffins. The delicious juices from the meat seep into the thin bread and shred it like single-ply toilet paper. We don’t care how much weight a man has lost—if he’s going to eat a burger, he should upgrade to a bun.

Perhaps the Paul supporters were too depressed to stop Huckabee from eating his bison burger. Yesterday afternoon, the much-loved Ron Paul Freedom Wagon was put up for sale on eBay by the Granny Warriors.

This Motor home has been in so many parades when it hears a drum it slows down to a crawl and has been to so many events I believe it trys to bow to the crowd. We have had tons of fun in this and loads of people have shared it’s facilities.

One positive thing about this motor home, if Ron Paul should be elected it will be priceless with his signature and the hundreds of photos of him, his family and friends with it.

We really like the “Honk If You Speak English” bumper sticker, but we’re holding out hope that the RV and the Ron Paul blimp will appear on the site as a package deal. Maybe somebody has a motorboat emblazoned with Paul’s face so we can cover land, sea, and air while expressing our love for small government.