The Week That Was

1199909596Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (There’s no crying in politics, oh wait edition)

The debut of the Hill and the Hall: In which Paul McMorrow dishes the dirt on Beacon Hill and City Hall.

Steve Wynn wants in: The casino stakes keep getting higher.

Johnny Cupcakes is ticked: You would be too if you thought someone ripped off your ideas.

We had a fun chat with a guy named Will: Deadspin’s Will Leitch in two acts. Part I, Part II.

Rather than the usual, we’re going to break it down into the primary, and everything else.


Everything but the Yo Momma jokes: The GOP field threw the kitchen sink at Mitt Romney during the debate leading up to the primary.

Hunt chokes, O’Reilly shoves: A precursor to the media’s terrible performance Tuesday?

This is how history happens: We now know Hillary didn’t actually cry, and the woman who asked the question actually voted for Obama.

A crumbling image for a crumbling campaign: Uh, Mitt.

We predicted the winners: And did about as well as Chris Matthews.

Holy Sh&T! Clinton wins.

But not in every media outlet: Get me rewrite.

In Romneyland, everything is peachy: Two silvers and a gold. That’s some spin.

All aboard the Obama Express: Kerry jumps on the bandwagon.

For everyone else the choice is pretty simple: Wait it out and see who wins.


A falcon almost killed our senior writer: No, we don’t think Gonzalez could have taken the bird either.

Next thing you know, they’ll want things: Maureen Feeney calls for a large get-together and Mayor Menino says, Nope.

The Duke blasts Howie: No tank this time.

Commie bashers? In Cambridge? It will later come out that one of them was wearing a Yankees hat.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be enjoying a Brady Burger and calling up those kids to shovel our sidewalk.